Ukraine violating the right to collective negotiations


Vasyl Kostrytsya, National Coordinator of the International Labour Organization [ILO] in Ukraine has said that Ukraine is constantly breaching the ILO Convention on Freedom of Association and the right to organize collective negotiations which is guaranteed both employees and employers.

“Ukraine has problems not only in the practical application of the Convention, but also at the legislative level. In Ukraine there are several laws in breach of the ILO Convention, and we call on the Cabinet of Ministers and parliament, trade unions and employers, to ensure that amendments are made to the Civil Code, as well as the law on employers’ organizations and the law on the procedure for registration of legal entities and citizens’ associations to bring them into line with the Convention”.

Mr Kostrytsya stresses that norms of international law ratified by Ukraine are a part of domestic legislation and must be adhered to. Other areas of criticism as far as legislation is concerned involves the procedure for beginning strikes as set out in the law on the procedure for regulating collective disputes.

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