Vaccinations only with parents’ consent: has anything changed?


The Cabinet of Ministers has approved rules of procedure for medical care of school students. Medical care envisages compulsory prophylactic checkups and vaccinations, health-building measures during studies and the provision of emergency care. Compulsory prophylactic checkups should be carried out each year in the presence of parents or those replacing them. During the checkups, the doctors will draw conclusions regarding the state of health of the child, determine his or her group for physical education lessons and give recommendations regarding vaccinations, additional checkups and treatment. The prophylactic vaccinations shall be carried out in accordance with the calendar of vaccinations, but only after a medical checkup, as well as with the consent of one of the parents or people replacing them.
The rules of procedure are doubtless in response to public fear following the deaths of at least two young people immediately after vaccinations. Specialists have yet to respond, but it would seem in question whether this document will make any great changes. The problem has up till now been, and is likely to remain, the fact that if parents do not give consent, the child cannot remain in the school.

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