Vital Components of the State Land Register also put on hold


The Cabinet of Ministers has deferred by a year the coming into force of procedure for keeping Land Records and Records of State Registration of property rights to land plots and of the right to permanent use of a land plot or lease agreements. These vital documents, which are constituent parts of the State Land Register, will now come into force not from 1 January 2010, but from 1 January 2011.

The Land Records are supposed to provide information about the land plot, restrictions on its use, information about those with the right to the land plot, the documents which establish this right, as well as data about the valuation of the land, their purpose, and the composition of the lands.

The Records of State Registration should contain information about registered State documents confirming the right to own or use a land plot, as well as lease agreements with indication of the cadastre numbers of the land plots.

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