Zaporizhya newspaper staff resign alleging censorship


Virtually the entire editorial staff of the Zaporizhya weekly “Island of Freedom” have resigned following the arrival of a new publisher. On Thursday they issued a statement in which they assert that the “new” aims of the project announced by the new publisher, Valeriy Fomenko - the newspaper as “political instrument” destroys the very spirit of the “Island of Freedom”. For the first time in four years we have seen “temnyks”* which had been forgotten in the professional world of journalism, which clearly outline who is “good” from now on, and whom you can sling mud at.”
“Our resignation is in protest at pressure on journalists and attempts to turn journalism, albeit on one individual newspaper, into a tool for PR, aimed at achieving a narrow political aim.”
They stress that they are prepared to work in the newspaper, but not with the new publisher.

* [instructions from above on what to cover and how, these were widely used in Kuchma’s time – translator]

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