Russian film “We’re from the Future -2” banned in Ukraine


The film regulatory department of the Ministry of Culture which issues certificates for showing films in Ukraine is recommending that the sequel to the well-known Russian feature film “We’re from the Future” in which the main characters fall through time and end up on the battlefield of World War II, not be shown in Ukraine.

As already reported, the film’s presentation of Ukrainian nationalists, specifically fighters of the UPA [Ukrainian Resistance Army], is offensive to many people.

The film is about how modern guys end up in the thick of events in 1944, being held captive by the UPA and Soviet Army and escaping death at the hands of the fascists. Two of them are from the original film, while two others are young Ukrainians.  In today’s world the Ukrainians behave like nationalists and are wary of the Russians, however 1944 changes everything.  UPA fighters suggest that the two Ukrainian lads from the future kill civilians whom they’ve driven into a pit (along with the two Russians from the future). The two Ukrainians refuse, and all four make an escape, and by the end of the film form a team of united Slavonic brothers.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has issued a statement about the film and its actions on its official website. This states that “in accordance with Item 10 of the Regulations on State certificates confirming the right to distribute and show films, approved by Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 1315 from 17.08.1995, the Ministry refuses State registration and issue of a certificate to films which can cause harm to people’s moral and physical upbringing and cultural development, as well as to films of a pornographic nature and those which propagandize war, violence, brutality, fascism and neo-fascism, are aimed at the liquidation of Ukraine’s independence, a change in the constitutional order by violent means, a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, undermining its security, illegal seizure of State power, incitement to inter-ethnic, racial, religious enmity, encroachments on human rights and freedoms and the health of the population.

Some episodes of the film are fairly provocative from the moral point of view and arouse particular concern given that the film is mainly aimed at a young audience. In our view one sees in these fragments a tendency towards inciting inter-ethnic enmity and a subjective view of historical events.

On the basis of the above, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism does not recommend that the film “We’re from the future – 2” be shown in this version on the territory of Ukraine.”

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