Civic society takes parliament to court


Opposition is mounting to the Verkhovna Rada’s decision on 16 February this year to cancel the local elections scheduled for 30 May.

Five activists from the “Maidan” Alliance immediately lodged a civil suit demanding that the court find the parliamentary decision unlawful and recognize that it does not have the jurisdiction to cancel already scheduled elections.

They are also calling on concerned members of the public to endorse a petition upholding citizens’ electoral rights, at

The Ukrainian Service of Deutsche Welle reports that representatives of more than 100 civic organizations are planning a collective suit to the District Administrative Court in Kyiv demanding that the decision by the Verkhovna Rada to cancel the elections be revoked. This was discussed in Kyiv at a congress of regional communities. The civic activists fear that after 30 May the local authorities will have no legitimate authority. The Head of the Coordination Council of the civic organization “Guards of the Law”, Oleksiy Verentsov explains: “The local elected representatives will receive an additional year in which to rob the people. The Verkhovna Rada has restricted our right to vote for better candidates”.  He believes that parliamentarians are doing this deliberately so as not to let new young politicians into power. They are giving parliament a week to revoke the decision, otherwise they will turn to the court and to the newly-elected President asking for help in having this examined by the Constitutional Court.

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] is supporting the initiative of the regional civic organizations. They stress that each day that local representatives remain in office after the expiry of their constitutional powers is “another day of their usurping of power”.

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