Electronic records in fighting torture


The Kharkiv Institute for Social Research has developed an electronic registration terminal for those entering district police stations. According to Yury Chumak, Human Rights Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs for the Kharkiv region, the idea is that each person entering the station will receive a record slip with the date and time that they arrived and left the station. Mr Chumak says that this system has worked for a long time in police stations of other European countries and has proved effective in countering torture and ill-treatment.  

With the support of the Public Council on Human Rights under the Kharkiv Regional MIA, such a terminal has been installed in the Zhovtnevy Police Station in Kharkiv. Over three months of the experiment the Kharkiv Institute for Social Research supported and serviced the work of the electronic terminal. The project has been carried out with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

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