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From prison to university


The number of prisoners in the West of Ukraine who want to become students of higher educational institutes is increasing. The network of penal institutions from which some applications have come is also widening. Whereas last year 10 prisoners approached the Lviv Regional Centre for Educational Assessment, this year there have already been 15. These are people of different ages and with varying sentences from 5-10 years, the Centre’s Director, Larysa Seredyak explains.

The penal institutions are introducing facilities for testing and distance learning. The tests will be brought to the penal institution on the day of the testing. This year there are applicants in the Sambir penal colony which had students taking the test last year as well, and there are also people wanting to take part in the Kovelska and Dubynska Colonies. Last year there were students from the technical colleges in other regions. At present in the Lviv region there are already students studying by correspondence and the teachers carry out tests at the colonies. Among the students are some older prisoners serving life sentences.  Overall, as of 13 March, in the Lviv, Rivne and Volyn regions almost 40 thousand people are registered for the external independent assessment, this being 80 percent of the predicted number. Half of them are residents of the Lviv region.

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