CVU survey: MPs breached Constitution in cancelling local elections


From 15-20 March 2010 the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] carried out a survey regarding the legal grounds and political reasons behind the Verkhovna Rada’s cancellation of the local elections which had been scheduled for 30 May 2010.  69 political analysts, public opinion specialists, journalists, local politicians and others from 16 regions of the country took part. 

The overwhelming majority of respondents (76%) are negative in their assessment of the cancellation of the 30 May local elections, and believe that the decision is in breach of Ukraine’s Constitution.

Most consider that the elections were cancelled for political reasons. Only 3 percent said that the reason had been (as claimed – translator) the lack of a Budget for 2010.

Opinions were more divided as to when regular local elections would take place. 38% of the respondents believe that they will not be held in 2010, while almost 50% expressed the hope that they would take place this year.

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