UHHRU: On the lack of response from the Minister of Internal Affairs to the President’s criticism


Open Letter from the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Unionto the Minister of Internal Affairs, A.V. Mohylev


The President, V. F. Yanukovych

The Prime Minister, M. Y. Azarov

The Deputy Prime Minister, V. L. Syvkovych


On 29 March the President’s website published a report by the Press Service on the President’s meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs during which the President described as “ill-considered” the decision to reduce the part of the MIA office dealing with human rights. The President stressed that measures on defending human rights needed to be extended, not reduced (

A second day has passed, yet strangely enough, there is still no information regarding the Minister of Internal Affairs’ response to the President’s criticism.

The order dismissing 26 regional representatives of the Department for the Monitoring of Human Rights in the Work of the Police which the President was clearly talking about has not been revoked. This is clear since the regional representatives are still having their office equipment and work cars taken away and being thrown out of their offices, told that they have been dismissed although none has been shown the order to dismiss them.  The dismissals are effectively taking place in violation of the law.

We are disturbed by the stubborn determination of the Minister of Internal Affairs to fold programmes on safeguarding human rights in the ministry despite even a clear assessment from the President of such action.

We call on the Minister of Internal Affairs to immediately revoke the order to dissolve the Department and to ensure that people have normal conditions of work.


Arkady Bushchenko, Head of the UHHRU Board

Volodymyr Yavorsky, UHHRU Executive Director


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