From Akhmetov’s channel to head of National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council?


According to the Deputy Chair of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech, Andriy Shevchenko, a special session of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council [NTRBC] on Friday elected Volodymyr Manzhosov its Head. Mr Shevchenko says that six of the eight members of NTRBC were present at the meeting.

On Friday afternoon, with Presidential Decrees No. 467 and 478, President Yanukovych dismissed Tetyana Mokridi, appointed by Presidential quota under the previous President in February 2007, and appointed Mr Manzhosov member of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council.

Up till today, 2 April, Volodymyr Manzhosov has been Vice President for Development of the Television and Radio Company “Ukraina”, owned by Renat Akhmetov.  The latter, who was recently named by Forbes as Ukraine’s richest man, is a National Deputy from the Party of the Regions.  While he has not taken a prominent role in parliament, he is known to finance the party.  The Television and Radio Company “Ukraina” is not renown for its objective coverage of political events.

Information about the appointment from Ukrainska Pravda

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