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PACE to decide on European Court Judge from Ukraine


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s Committee electing Judges to the European Court of Human Rights is expected to hold interviews with the three candidates from Ukraine. The final vote is in two weeks.

As reported here many times, a new Judge from Ukraine to the ECHR should have been selected back in autumn 2007. However due to political conflict and confusion over the list of candidates, the position remains vacant, and a Judge has worked on an ad hoc basis.

The impasse was only shifted when the European Court provided clarification as to which candidate list it regards as legitimate: they must now decide between politician Serhiy Holovaty, bar lawyer Anna Yudkivska and lawyer Stanislav Shevchuk

Co-Chair of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group, Yevhen Zakharov considers all candidates to be strong contenders however believes that preference may be given to Anna Yudkivska in part due to the gender-related convictions of the majority of PACE delegates. “Bearing in mind the policy of the Council of Europe regarding the need for a gender balance, her chances are automatically increased”.  He adds that the candidates are all strong and there is possibility for choice.

He stressed that the scandal over the candidate lists had seriously damaged Ukraine’s image as a law-based country, but that at the same time this precedent had helped to formulate PACE policy regarding the withdrawal or substitution of candidate lists.

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