Ukrainians against a monument to Stalin, even in the South


The majority of Ukrainians (56.7%) are negative about the initiative to erect monuments to Stalin in Ukrainian cities, a survey carried out by the Razumkov Centre has found.  Such initiatives have been put forward by communists, most prominently in Zaporizhya where such a monument is planned on private property (and under 24 hour guard).

Less than 10% (9.6%) are positive about any such monuments while the rest either didn’t care or didn’t know.

Andriy Bychenko from the Razumkov Centre points out that only in the South of Ukraine was the percentage of those who felt very negative towards the initiative less than half of those surveyed (37.1%) however this was still double the number who supported the erection of a monument to Stalin [17.2$].

In the rest of the regions an absolute majority were against such initiatives: 54.4% in the Centre, 57.0% in the East and 76.0% in the West.

Mr Bychenko added that the negative attitude predominated across all age groups  (from 52.4% among those aged 60 and older to 61.0% among those aged 40-49).

The survey was carried out by the Razumkov Centre from 14 to 21 April 2010. 2009 respondents aged 18 and over were asked in all regions of Ukraine. The margin of error was 2.3%.

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