Chernivtsi imposes curfew on children and teenagers on the streets


Chernivtsi has become the fifth Ukrainian city to impose curfew restriction on children. City deputies have decreed that young Chernivtsi residents must not be on the streets after 22.00 unless accompanied by their parents.

Lesya Kuzma, Director of the City Centre for the Family, Children and Youth explained to Channel V that “Children under the age of 14 are young children, and they can be on the streets until 22.00. Those aged from 14 to 18 can be on the street up till 23.00. Otherwise it is an offence.”

The police claim that they were prompted to such a step by an increase in child crime. They see the curfew as “killing two birds with one stone” – on the one hand children will be safe, on the other there will be less crime on the streets. They say that they are applying the strictest means with regard to those under age – their parents.

According to M. Kharabara, Head of Police for the Chernivtsi region, they will detain such young people, take them to the police station and call their parents. “And believe me, two or three nights the parents won’t sleep. If I was summoned to the police several times because of my son, I’d find a way of influencing mama as well so that he’s not there at night.”

The Chernivtsi City School Students’ Union are strongly opposed to the move, and see it as a gross violation of their rights.

In this they are supported by many representatives of human rights organizations who see no justification for such measures. A similar curfew has been imposed in Zhytomyr, Simferopol, Vinnytsa and Ternopil.

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