Governor of Zaporizhya: Monument to Stalin is illegal


The Head of the Zaporizhya Regional Administration Boris Petrov asserts that the monument to Stalin unveiled last week, was erected in breach of legislation.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Mr Petrov stated that in connection with this he had made a formal request to the Mayor of Zaporizhya Yevhen Kartashow to see the documents and decision permitting the bust of Stalin to be erected in the building of the Communist Party obkom [regional committee] in Zaporizhya. He has also asked the Zaporizhya regional prosecutor’s office for a legal assessment of the communists’ actions.

He maintains that there are no documents and that the Mayor distanced himself from the issue.  He said that this is why he has approached the prosecutor’s office.

Mr Petrov added that not only was the monument to Stalin erected in the city unlawfully, but the very building of the Communist Party obkom which according to the building permit should have been two-storeys high, but is in fact three storeys.

The Communist Party claimed that the decision to erect the monument to Stalin was passed by its obkom at the beginning of 2010 at the request of War veterans.

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