Statement over treatment of Kharkiv journalists during the protest on 27 May


We Kharkiv journalists cannot stand back when freedom of speech, civil and professional rights are under attack. Today, on 27 May, in Gorky Park our colleagues were assaulted. Members of the media were not only prevented from carrying out their professional duties, but for the first time in recent years physical force was applied against journalists and cameramen.

We consider such action in relation to members of the media unacceptable and demand a legal assessment and response from the authorities, law enforcement agencies, as well as a mandatory examination of the statements made by our colleagues who suffered on 27 May during the incident in Gorky Park. We insist that all guilty of beating members of the media are punished without delay. We call on journalists to show solidarity in standing up for their professional rights. We ask all those who share our position to join this appeal.

27 May 2010

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