Police in Luhansk threaten and try to detain protesters


On 10 June young Luhansk residents joined the nationwide protect “The Police will answer for murder” prompted by the death in police custody of student Ihor Indylo who was studying in Kyiv. Around 20 students and civic activists took part in the protest action. The day before the organizers – Maxim S. and Daniel P. were threatened by police officers and officers came to their homes to hold “prophylactic talks”. Daniel was given a heavy hint that he could get beaten up at the protest. During the protest, police officers stopped the protesters handing out leaflets, arguing that there was no information about the print run (this being a quite unlawful pretext, since this information is required only for election campaigning material).

Half an hour later, as Maxim was returning home, people in civilian clothes who claimed they were police officers but refused to show any document tried to detain Maxim and his companion. The latter were able to stop this after a telephone conversation with Kyiv human rights activists and journalists.

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