Minister’s only claim to fame – foul language


As reported, the new Cabinet of Ministers breaks all records for its number of ministers.  The Prime Minister’s sexist explanation as to why this colossal number included no women has been equaled in scandal by the previous background and previous activities of the Ministers for Education (Tabachnyk) and Internal Affairs (Mohylyov). Then there are a small number heard of because of the ministerial work they carry out. And the Minister for Environmental Protection for the cooperation with the public he has persistently avoided. And then there is an anonymous mass.

One of the latter, Volodymyr Yatsuba, has however been known to use foul language before, and today he excelled himself,  calling some journalists whom he had to get past in the corridor “bitches” and worse. Nothing more is known of Mr Yatsuba’s contribution to the work of the government.

The information about the incident was published here:

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