Defenders of Kharkiv’s Gorky Park again detained


The civic organization “Zeleny Front” [“Green Front” reports that there has again been confrontation between activists trying to stop the illegal felling of trees in Gorky Park and police officers. They say that around midday the police attempted to disperse people who had formed a chain, sitting on the ground to stop the bulldozers.

The representative of Green Front stresses that since they are convinced the felling is unlawful, they are continuing their protest.  He said that two activists had been detained and taken to the Dzherzhynsky District Police Station. Another person was taken ill and an ambulance needed to be called, with the person being treated there.

At the present time around 10 tents have been erected in the park with between 30 and 100 activists keeping vigil throughout the day and night.

Activists from the environmental organization “Pechenihy” say that those detained have not been allowed to see human rights workers. .

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