Cabinet of Ministers evicts HIV/AIDS Clinic


The Government is planning to evict the clinic for people with HIV / AIDS near the Pecherska Lavra in Kyiv. Human rights groups believe this is at the wish of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate [UOC MP] which controls Pecherska Lavra, and are planning a “lie-down” protest outside the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Prime Minister issued the decision to evict the HIV/AIDS clinic by 16 July. The building was built 100 years ago from Kyiv residents’ donations. It first housed the city infectious diseases clinic, then 16 years ago a modern HIV/AIDS centre was opened.

According to Dmytro Sherembei from the Ukrainian Network of People living with HIV/AIDS, the Cabinet of Ministers has not given any explanation nor has it provided alternative premises. He thinks it possible that they may have an agreement with the UOC MP, and says that they have learned that a VIP hotel for people connected with the Lavra is planned.

He notes that the clinic was created with money from international donors and is the best medical establishment in the CIS. On Wednesday people living with HIV/AIDS from all Ukraine are coming to protest outside the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as outside Regional Administrations, with mattresses. They will be demanding an explanation from the authorities why in a country with the highest prevalence of AIDS, the government is closing a contemporary clinic which annually helps twenty thousand people with HIV/AIDS.  The Press Service of the Kyiv Pecherska Lavra has promised to put forward their position, however have not done so, and refused to give a commentary to Deutsche Welle, saying that they were very busy.


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