Criminal investigation terminated over obstruction of TV journalist


On 12 July the Shevchenkivsky Court in Kyiv revoked the decision to initiate criminal proceedings over obstruction of Serhiy Kutrakov’s professional work as a journalist for TV channel Novy Kanalhiy. This was in response to a suit from the Special Forces “Berkut” unit which appealed against the criminal investigation.

Serhiy Kutrakov believes that “this court ruling has given a clear message to the law enforcement agencies how to work with journalists”. He says that it is for the Prosecutor to appeal against the ruling.

The judge found that there were no grounds for believing that the two members of Berkut had exceeded their duties,

On 8 April in Ukrainian House in Kyiv, Serhiy Kutrakov endeavoured to prepare a feature on the opening of an extremely contentious exhibition entitled “The Volyn Massacre: Polish and Jewish Victims of the OUN-UPA”. When a scuffle began between the organizers of the exhibition and members of the organization VO “Svoboda”, Kutrakov recorded this which prompted guards to push the Novy Channel journal out of the corridor, inflicting bodily injuries. In that same month the TV channel issued a complaint to the Prosecutor over the actions of the guards and the failure to act by the police.

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