President’s Guard has no problem with employee using force against Serhiy Andrushko


The Department of State Security [UDO] has responded to an official information request from “Ukrainska Pravda” saying that its internal investigation has found no infringements in the actions of its employee who used force against TV STB journalist Serhiy Andrushko.

The letter states that neither the internal investigation nor a check by the Military Prosecutor of the Central Region found any violations in the actions of the military servicemen (the plural is used, although the complaints have been over one guard’s actions – translator). It says that on 13 July the same Military Prosecutor refused to initiate criminal proceedings.

As reported already, UDO had already refused to provide the name of the military serviceman employed by UDO who used force against the journalist, requests for this being sent both by “Ukrainska Pravda” and National Deputy, Iryna Herashchenko.

STB journalist, Serhiy Andrushko had full accreditation and was carrying out his professional duties when, on Tuesday 15 June he was approached by a guard who refused to provide identification. When the journalist warned that he would film the incident, he was thrown to the ground. The picture can be seen here:

Serhiy Andrushko says that another guard had joined in, but that they let him go when they saw they were being filmed.

The civic movement “Stop Censorship!” issued a statement on 16 June demanding that the name of the guard be revealed and that he be released and face criminal charges for obstructing a journalist.

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