Member of ruling coalition demands criminal liability for TVi


According to TVi, who were given a copy of the letter, National Deputy Inna Bohoslovska (from the Party of the Regions) has called on the Prosecutor General to bring criminal charges against officials of TVi for broadcasting. The letter claims that the channel is not complying with the ruling of the Kyiv Administrative Court by continuing to broadcast. Bohoslovsa reminds the Prosecutor General that criminal liability is foreseen for non-compliance with court rulings.

TVi also inform that a representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office came to them on Wednesday asking for explanation as to whether “they are not complying with the ruling of the Kyiv District Administrative Court which cancelled the results of the tender carried out by the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council in January this year.

The TVi Press Service has issued a statement in which they draw the public’s attention to the fact that the initiation of criminal proceedings could lead to a range of measures from arrests of key figures, to removal of the means of broadcasting. It asserts that Bohoslovska is deliberately keeping quiet about the fact that the ruling of the District Administrative Court has not come into force since it is under appeal.

“Therefore the letter from the Deputy asking the Prosecutor General on the basis of Article 382 of the Criminal Code to “take appropriate measures” over the non-compliance by TVi of a court ruling which has not come into force can be viewed as unlawful pressure on the television channel and establishing censorship over information circulated by TVi”.

As reported, the court hearing over TVi and Channel 5’s appeal against the ruling to remove their frequencies has been rescheduled to 26 August.  The reasons why this case raises particular question marks over the present regime’s attitude to freedom of speech can be found in “Serious conclusions” and “Do they know what they are doing”.

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