Nico Lange never told why he was banned entry


Nico Lange, the Director of the Kyiv Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation still does not know why he was detained at Kyiv Airport for around 10 hours on 26 June this year.
He said on TVi: “I can’t explain why the situation arose. I know that there was a misunderstanding. For the Adenauer Foundation in Ukraine that means that we are continuing our work. There have already been many discussions between the relevant Ukrainian and German institutions. I think that they have already resolved this issue. Mr Lange said also that the Chancellor, Angela Merkel was well-informed and had every opportunity to receive full information about Ukraine.
Nico Lange was stopped at Boryspol Airport trying to return to Kyiv in June. He was not informed of the reasons, only that the action was on the instructions of the SBU and was only allowed into the country after the intervention of the German Embassy and his organization. Mr Lange had recently been a high-profile figure because of an article and interviews given at the beginning of June suggesting a worrying increase in authoritarian tendencies in Ukraine.
On 30 June the Deputy Head of the President’s Administration Anna Herman stated that the Security Service had had serious grounds for their actions in not allowing Lange into the country, while on 30 July the Prosecutor General said that Lange had been stopped on the instructions of the Security Service because of his interference in Ukraine’s internal matters.
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