Minister believes Klymentyev was killed, perhaps with police involvement


The Minister of Internal Affairs, Vasyl Mohylyov has stated at a press conference that the disappearance of the Chief Editor of the Kharkiv newspaper “New Style” [“Novy Styl”], Vasyl Klymentyev, is to be investigated by the MIA Central Investigation Department. 

“We suspect that members of the law enforcement agencies, both current employees and those dismissed, could be implicated. And therefore, so that there is no leak of information, the case is being taken over by the central apparatus”, Mohylyov said on Thursday.

He noted that a murder investigation had been initiated, and that there were enough grounds for assuming that Klymentyev was dead.

“There are sufficient grounds for believing that he (the journalist) is dead. In collecting preliminary material we found a fairly large number of critical articles of his concerning a number of people in the Kharkiv region”.

At the same time, commenting on remarks from particular politicians suggesting that the cause of the murder had been the change in management of the Kharkiv police, the Minister denied that there were any grounds for changing the present management of the Kharkiv police.

Mohylyov insisted that the investigation into the case was being carried out openly. “It is necessary for all information to be transparent and accessible for a wide circle … so that there are no insinuations about this case”.

In the course of the investigation all the figures who play a role in Klymentyev’s publications have been questioned.

Vasyl Klimentyev, Chief Editor of the newspaper “New Style”, disappeared on 11 August. His colleagues are convinced that this was linked with his professional activities.

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