President’s Administration’s response on public broadcasting concept


The Stop Censorship Movement has received a response from Anna Herman, Deputy Head of the President’s Administration. The movement had written asking why their members had not been included in the Humanitarian Council which is presently working on a Concept for public broadcasting and to pass on the comments and recommendations from the public hearings on this Concept.

As reported here, the participants in the public hearings concluded that the Concept needed much more detail and significant clarification (see for more detail).

The letter has appeared in a new section of the President’s site called “We answer journalists’ information requests”.  Judging from the responses read, it seems unlikely that those asking will be satisfied with the response. 

This was probably the case with the answer given to Stop Censorship whose members include many leading media experts and who have drawn up a draft law on public broadcasting.

Ms Herman’s letter says that Stop Censorship’s letter has been considered.

“We appreciate your civic stand and welcome the passing of your draft bill to the President’s Administration which is planning to launch public broadcasting in Ukraine taking its example from leading international models.

With regard to your request for delegates from Stop Censorship to take part in the Humanitarian Council session, we would inform you that in accordance with the President’s Decrees of 2 April 2010 #469 and 7 May 2010 # 593, two delegates from among journalists, Oleksandr Martynenko,  General Director of Interfax-Ukraine and Olha Chervakova, Special Correspondent for TV STB”, are already on the Humanitarian Council.

At the same time, we would inform you that President Yanukovych has instructed us to offer the Public Broadcasting Concept for nationwide public discussion. The civic movement “Stop censorship!" may take part in this and put forward its position”

The response, such as it was…

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