Authorities demand that editors notify change in political views


The Internet publication Obkom reports that the Deputy Governor of the Sumy region, Serhiy Hrytsai has sent municipal media outlets in the region a letter asking that by 13 September they sign a standard agreement obliging the Chief Editor to inform in writing of any change in their political views.
The Chief Editor of the Sumy City Council’s newspaper “Sumy and its Residents”, Mykola Chernotysky, who is also a Deputy of the City Council, says that he received such a letter. He explains that “the agreement binds all chief editors to report within a month to the founders of the publication of their membership in political parties and civic organizations. In addition, there is the absurd demand that “in the event of a change in their views, the editor must immediately notify the owner of this in writing”.
The letter from the regional administrations asserts that their actions are to implement an instruction from the Cabinet of Ministers.
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