Minister called on to ensure witness’s safety


Co-Chair of the Human Rights Public Council under the MIA, Yevhen Zakharov, has addressed an open letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs following an appeal from another member of the Council, H. Tokaryev.

A criminal case is presently under court examination by the Zhovtnevy Court in Poltava.

V. Kornilenko who is a witness in the case has made a statement to the effect that he, on the instruction of officers of the anti-drug department of the Poltava Department of the MIA carried out provocation of a crime, and said that he had over a long period taken part in provoking crimes, as well as falsifying file materials on the instruction and under pressure from police officers from different departments within the Poltava region.

This information is also posted on the forum of the official MIA website under the title “Purchase the Poltava way” «Закупка по Полтавски» where there is a reference to a video recording of Kornilenko’s statement

Mr Kornilenko’s statement speaks of wide-scale and systematic violations of the law by police officers of different rank which may have resulted in the unlawful convictions of many people.

This gives grounds for believing that he is in direct danger from those possibly implicated. According to the defendant’s lawyer, Mr Kornilenko has already come under pressure which has prompted him to seek protection as a witness in criminal proceedings.

Mr Zakharov therefore asks the Minister to ensure Mr Kornilenko’s protection and that there is a comprehensive and thorough investigation of his allegations.

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