Poltava man confesses to helping police falsify criminal cases


Human rights groups demand proper protection.  On 22 September 2010 Poltava resident V. Kornilenko issued a statement in which he said that under the instructions of officers of the anti-drug department of the Poltava Department of the MIA, he took part in provoking crimes and falsifying criminal file material. He also stated that he had previously, under pressure from police officers from different departments within the Poltava region, on many occasions taken part in such “operations”.

Kornilenko said that he had had to “collaborate” since he was frightened that they would initiate a criminal investigation against him.  This is seen in numerous reports from Ukrainian and international human rights organizations, as well as complaints by members of the public.

They assert that it has become common for the fight against illegal sale of drugs to turn into an opportunity for profit through abuse of their official position.

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union considers that the testimony provided by Kornilenko who has not been afraid to publish such information despite pressure on him from police officers perhaps gives grounds for immediate and thorough investigation into the methods of work of anti-drug divisions in the Poltava region, as well, perhaps, as beyond it.

The scale of use of such methods cannot fail to be of concern. The consequences of using evidence received through the use of such methods can be destructive for dozens or hundreds of people accused of crimes on such “grounds”.

UHHRU demands that the Prosecutor General ensures Kornilenko’s protection and carries out a check of the materials of criminal files created with his participation.

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