Scandalous seizure of control by the Party of the Regions over the Trostyanka Electoral Commission


On 12 October in Trostyanka (Sumy oblast) a member of the Territorial Electoral Commission [TEC]  changed the leadership of the city commission in favour of pro-ruling coalition parties.

During a meeting of the District Electoral Commission, Deputy Head Olena Kulinich changed the agenda of the meeting and submitted for consideration the proposal to terminate the authority of the Head of the Commission (from the Ukrainian Social-Democratic Party), the Deputy (the party “Native City”) and the Secretary (Socialist Party) of the Trostyanka TEC. Kulinich gave no reasons nor grounds for their removal.

During the ensuring argument, Kulinich proposed removing journalists present from the local television channel “Voice of the Community”.

Despite the fact that the Head of the City Commission and some of the members form opposition parties did not agree with the proposal, the issue was put to the vote.

During the break, Olena Kulinich used force to wrench papers needed to continue his work from the Head of the district commission.

Under pressure from the Deputy Head of the District TEC, the city commission thus suspended the authority of its head, deputy and secretary. The members of the commission also voted for new members.

A representative of the Party of the Regions was appointed here, the deputy head from the “Reform and Order Party”, and the secretary from the Communist Party.

The members of the dismissed makeup of the city TEC have made a written application to the District TEC to receive the City Commission’s decision in order to appeal against it in court.


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