Lviv City Electoral Commission approves “special” member lists


The civic network OPORA which is monitoring the local elections reports that for the first time since elections have been held, a territorial electoral commission [TEC] has approved lists of members of PEC [precinct electoral commissions] without indicating who put their names forward.

On 16 October the Lviv City TEC approved the list of PEC members. 10 voted for, 4 against, one abstained. The Head of the Commission, Ihor Slipetsky asserted that a specially created working group had drawn up the lists but would not say who was on it.

The specific feature of the lists of PEC members is that there is no place for information about their party affiliation. There is also no place for information regarding their place of work and former experience of work.

Another oddity is that the number of members of PEC has been reduced to the minimum.

Various protests, from blocking the TEC’s work to court cases took place throughout the day. 

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