Police down to 4 versions over disappearance of Vasyl Klymentyev


The Deputy Prosecutor General, Viktor Pshonka stated at a press conference in Kharkiv on Wednesday that the police have eliminated some possible explanations for the disappearance in August of the Chief Editor of the Kharkiv newspaper Novy Styl [New Style] Vasyl Klymentyev.  He said that they had rejected abduction for ransom, an accident on the water, a road accident or murder via an armed attack.

Pshonka said that there was one version which the head of the investigative team, Valery Lehetsky regards as the main one, but did not give any clues as to which this might be.  He said only that one of the versions remaining was that the disappearance was linked with his professional activities.

He also informed that the investigators had declared a former employee of the law enforcement agancies, Andriy Kozyr wanted for questioning. Kozyr went together with Klymentyev and his deputy, Petro Matviyenko, several days before the disappearance to the Pechenizke Reservoir to photograph the dacha of the Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Tax Administration Stanislav Denisov.

Asked about the search carried out of Petro Matviyenko’s flat on Friday evening, Pshonka said that it had been “on lawful grounds”.  He asserted that Matviyenko had refused to voluntarily hand over items which related to the case. The investigators were interested, for example, in the camera used to photograph Denisov’s dacha.

(Matviyenko reports that among other things, the police removed his child’s computer).

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