Serhiy Andrushko appeals against inaction of prosecutor’s office


Special news correspondent from TV STB, Serhiy Andrushko on 26 October lodged a complaint with the Prosecutor General against the inaction of the prosecutor’s office in the case involving obstruction of his work as a journalist. Andrushko states that the lack of action by the prosecutor is depriving him of the possibility of defending his rights which have been violated, including by appealing against a refusal to initiate a criminal investigation.

He points out that he has been awaiting information from the Prosecutor General regarding how it reacted to the decision of the Holosiyivsky Prosecutor’s Office refusing to initiate a criminal investigation. He says that if they refuse, he plans to approach the court again.

After the refusal from the Holosiyivsky Prosecutor’s Office, Andrushko appealed against this decision to the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office however they also refused.  “The first body which refused to initiate a criminal investigation did not question any witnesses. Furthermore the guards themselves did not come as asked by the prosecutor’s office, and we still do not know the name of the President’s Guard” (who used force against Andrushko).

STB journalist, Serhiy Andrushko had full accreditation and was carrying out his professional duties when, on Tuesday 15 June he was approached by a guard who refused to provide identification. When the journalist warned that he would film the incident, he was thrown to the ground. The picture can be seen here:

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