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Media union backs students who issued a calendar with uncomfortable questions for Yanukovych


The Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union has issued a statement in which it calls on the students of the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University Institute of Journalism who put out a calendar with uncomfortable questions for President Yanukovych to not succumb to pressure.

The Media Union considers the summons issued by the management of the Institute of Journalism to the journalists to be an inappropriate reaction to their actions.

The students, responding to the issue by journalists from Moscow State University of a Calendar for Vladimir Putin, put together “12 Questions for the President” which they presented in the information agency “Ukrainian News”. In response they were called to see the management of their institute.

“They exerciseв their constitutional right to express their views and did not break any laws, and there were therefore no grounds for summoning them to the management. The Media Union does not doubt that such a summons was not the initiative of the Institute of Journalism and that the order came from above”.

The Union expresses support for the young journalists and promises to provide legal aid should measures against them be stepped up.

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