Deputy Head of CEC: Local Elections perhaps the worst since 2004


Andriy Mahera, Deputy Head of the Central Election Commission [CEC], stated on TVi on Monday that the 2010 Local Elections had probably been worse than any since 2004. The main reason, he said, lay in the flawed law on the local elections, and pointed out that they had repeatedly called for amendments to be made “however the so-called political expediency of the Verkhovna Rada hall prevailed. They didn’t want to hear the CEC voice in parliament”.

Mr Mahera spoke of a move back to the worst aspects of the past in electoral legislation. He is convinced that the situation could be improved by the adoption of an Electoral Code encompassing the provisions of all existing electoral laws. He pointed out that a draft Electoral Code, drawn up by a working group of members of all factions, has been sitting in parliament without being considered for a year.

He added that the CEC was eagerly awaiting the judgement of the Constitutional Court regarding the draft law on amendments to the Constitution regarding the timeframe for holding regular elections. “However if we assume that such a judgement cannot appear given certain circumstances, we will consult with colleagues and take a decision in keeping with the demands of the Constitution and the law”.

Parliamentarians wish to extend the period, and have parliamentary elections in 2012, while according to the Constitution of 1996, reinstated by the Constitutional Court on 30 September this year, the elections should take place in March 2011 (translator).

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