Committee of Voters of Ukraine also calls for recount in Kharkiv Mayoral Elections


On 9 November a protest is planned in Kharkiv against the supposed results of the 31 October Mayoral elections. Both the Kharkiv Human Rights Group and the Committee of Voters of Ukraine believe a rerun, or at least recount to be needed.

As reported, the Kharkiv Human Rights Group has issued a statement regarding the many discrepancies during the vote count in the elections. Yevhen Zakhorov believes that any announcement of the outcome is premature until all complaints have been considered. 11,000 ballot papers, for example, were declared invalid because they did not have a stamp beside the name of a candidate who had withdrawn. As KHPG pointed out, the Territorial Electoral Commission [TEC] had had around 5 days warning but failed to ensure that the ballot papers held this stamp. Yevhen Zakharov believes that there are grounds for a recount, with even these 11,000 papers able to make a difference. However, the best, in the light of the number of irregularities, would be a rerun.

CVU also doubts the transparency of the final protocol of the elections and that a recount is called for. CVU Head, Oleksandr Chernenko said in an interview to Deutsche Welle that it needs to be made as public as possible in order to put an end to this situation. “Everybody understands very well that when there is such a small gap, that it would be logical to hold a re-run, although with the current legal situation, this is unlikely”.

The Party of the Regions candidate Hennady Kernes, already announced Mayor, has said that he would agree to a recount if this is called by the court. The candidate from the Batkivshchyna Party, Arsen Avakov has called the results falsified. The Appeal Court’s verdict is awaited.

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