Kharkiv rally demands recount in Mayoral elections


On Tuesday around 5 thousand people gathered on Freedom Square in Kharkiv, demanding a recount of the votes in the Mayoral elections. They refused to accept the supposed result and declared an indefinite protest. They plan to erect tents on squares and hold vigil there until their demands are heeded.

The protesters were of all ages. They say that like before they believe in the force of Maidan [square, i.e. people power – translator] and even more in the court – if not Ukrainian, then European.

We want honest elections!

From an improvised stage, one of the leaders of the events of 2004, National Deputy Volodymyr Filenko spoke of numerous cases of rigging, including printing uncounted ballot papers, which had been recorded during the voting and vote count by the (opposition) Batkivshchyna Party.  He called for a recount, or for a rerun, the last date for which, he said, was 14 November.

Arsen Avakov’s appeal rejected

According to the official results, Avakov received 0.63% less votes than Hennady Kernes.

Attempts had been made by Avakov’s Batkivshchyna Party to secure a recount at 56 polling stations in Kharkiv.  However on Tuesday, the Kharkiv Regional Court of Appeal rejected all such demands.  Avakov is now threatening to apply to the European  Court of Human Rights.

As reported here, both the Kharkiv Human Rights Group and the Committee of Voters of Ukraine have expressed grave concern over these elections and the number of serious irregularities. They both believe that at least a recount is needed, though a rerun of the voting would be better.

New information from Radio Svoboda

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