Police detain one of the organizers of the rally against the Tax Code


Police officers have detained one of the organizers of the mass protest outside the Verkhovna Rada, leader of the coalition of participants in the Orange Revolution, Serhiy Melnychenko. Mr Melnychenko himself informed a friend by telephone that he had been detained. It was he who submitted the application to hold the rally. He says that he is accused of infringing the rules for holding mass protest actions (Article 185 § 2 of the Administrative Code).

It was reported earlier that the police intended to initiate a criminal investigation against the organizers for unauthorized blocking of Hrushevsky St.  The Head of the Kyiv Police Oleksy Krykun stated that the rally participants were behaviour in a peaceful manner, however added that the road had been blocked, and that a protocol on this was being drawn up “Then we’ll look over the material, how they behaviour, and accordingly initiate a criminal investigation”.  

Mr Krykun had earlier said that they had information about “radical” elements planning to provoke the situation in order to disrupt the adoption of the Tax Code. 

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