Record law change to facilitate Constitutional amendments


President Yanukovych has signed the law abolishing voting on changes to the Constitution according to named tickets in parliament. The Law on amendments to the Verkhovna Rada Regulations was passed through parliament by the ruling majority on Thursday, and signed into law by the President the same day.

The amendments were apparently proposed by the Head of the Regulations Committee, Volodymyr Makeyenko.  In the article stipulating the means of voting on draft laws on amendments to the Constitution, named tickets do not now have to be provided.  As Ukrainska Pravda put it, Deputies will be able to change the Constitution, without bothering to make a personal appearance.

Before the vote, BYuT Deputy Serhiy Sas stated that the voting on this draft law had taken place with violations. “We are witnessing an unprecedented cases where it’s impossible, unlawful, however if you want it, it’s possible”.

He stressed that a draft law needs to be tabled 5 days before being reviewed to enable study. All stages, including the President’s signature, took place in one day.

Earlier that same day, the Head of the Party of the Regions stated that the Constitutional Court is to announce on Friday that the parliamentary elections can be postponed.

It is not known what justification they will give, nor why another judgment from Constitutional Court is first divulged by a politician from the ruling party.

From information at Ukrainska Pravda

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