UEFA take heed! Workmen may be fired for demanding to be paid


Around 100 workers from the construction company “Komfortbud” who are working on building the Euro 2012 Stadium in Lviv 26 November called a strike. Their grounds are hardly unreasonable – they haven’t been paid for three months.

The workers were threatened with dismissal, therefore not all joined the strike.

Workers who left the stadium told journalists that they had been promised that their wages would be paid but they had heard such assurances too many times.

Head of the Komfortbud section, Stanslav Havrylevych told the Western Information Company [ZIK] that the arrears should be paid on Tuesday, 30 November. He said that the schedule was already disrupted since they didn’t have financing. He added that he supports those demanding their wages.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Boris Kolesnikov was supposed to be visiting Lviv on Sunday, 28 November.

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