Pessimism over Vasyl Klymentyev case


The Deputy Editor of the newspaper Novy Styl [New Style], Petro Matviyenko, has told Deutsche Welle that he doubts that the disappearance of the newspaper’s Chief Editor, Vasyl Klymentyev will ever be uncovered.

Petro Matviyenko has over many years specialized in reports on criminal cases. Having analyzed police activities, he has concluded that nobody is in fact really looking for Klymentyev.

“Any major police operation involves the parallel uncovering of several crimes. As of yet, we have not heard of any such crimes”.  Petro Matviyenko also expressed bemusement as to why the investigators have still not questioned key witnesses, at least Klymentyev’s lawyer, Viacheslav Ismailov and the person who drove the journalist on the eve of his disappearance.

The fact that the police recently found a pistol in Klymentyev’s home arouses doubts as to the investigation’s integrity, Matviyenko says. “I am absolutely convinced that it was planted. There were five searches, everything was thoroughly checked and the pistol was not found. And then there’s a sixth search and they find the pistol in Klymentyev’s bed.”

The newspaper Segodnya has reported in the last few days, citing the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Vasyl Farynnyk, that they will search for Klymentyev, through DNA, among unidentified bodies.

Vasyl Klymentyev disappeared without trace on 11 August 2010. His colleagues are convinced that the journalist’s disappearance is linked with his professional activities. Klymentyev wrote about corruption in Kharkiv.

Oleksandra Indyukhova

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