Former Minister of Internal Affairs, Yury Lutsenko, arrested


Special Force Alpha officers of the Security Services today, at around 13.00, detained Yury Lutsenko, leader of People’s Self-Defence and former Minister of Internal Affairs in Yulia Tymoshenko’s government. The press were informed by Yury Lutsenko’s Press Secretary, Inna Kisil. She said that he had left his home to walk the dog, when 11 Alpha officers detained him. They gave him no explanation, put him in the mini-van and took him away in an unidentified direction. She added that representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office were also present.  She also stressed that Yury Lutsenko has been kept under surveillance.

Mr Lutsenko had time only to pass the dog and his mobile telephone to a relative.

This is the latest in a number of arrests of members of Yulia Tymoshenko’s government which have caused concern both within Ukraine, and abroad.

Information about today’s arrest at

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