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France disturbed by events in Ukraine


Bernard Valero, spokesperson for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stressed that France’s relations with Ukraine are linked with adherence to legal standards by Ukrainian courts.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs was providing a public statement about its attitude to the remanding in custody of Yury Lutsenko and the court proceedings against Yulia Tymoshenko. In response to a question from the journal Le Croix, Bernard Valero stated: “Several court cases have begun in Ukraine against many influential politicians. While avoiding commenting on any specific instance, we hope that the Ukrainian justice system will work entirely independently. Respect for the standards of a law-based State form the core of relations which France and the European Union hope to build with Ukraine.  In particular within the framework of the Ukraine – EU Association Agreement which is presently being discussed.

According to the BBC Ukrainian Service’s correspondent in Paris, Anna Lazarova, this is the clearest demonstration yet of the concern felt by the French government over the events in Ukraine, in particular the court prosecutions of former government figures.

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