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“Incomprehensible game” over the third candidate for post of Donetsk University Rector


The battle for post of Rector of Donetsk National University [DNU] is now in the courts, with the Kyiv District Administrative Court due on Monday to consider a suit brought against the Ministry of Education from Police Colonel Oleksandr Korystin who asserts that he was the third candidate for the post of Rector, but that his candidacy was ignored.

As reported, last week the court banned the Ministry of Education from formally appointing Yury Lystenko Rector following his election by the staff of the university on 10 December.  Kateryna Kutnya, the lawyer representing Professor Lysenko and his wife Tetyana Lev, stressed that the Ministry was not just stopped, but “prohibited” because of Oleksandr Korystin’s suit.

Oleksandr Korystin is a Police Colonel and heads the department of Economic Security of the National University of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.  He alleges that his candidacy was not considered. The Ministry certainly did not know of a third candidate, since the Deputy Minister Yevhen Sulyma who was present at the election of Rector officially announced only two candidates.

Under these circumstances the candidate proposed by the Ministry, Petro Yehorov, who lost to Yury Lystenko, remains Acting Rector for an indefinite period.

At the University they say that they had not heard of a third candidate and had never even seen him. Furthermore, the Ministry has still not informed the University that the staff’s electoral choice is not in force. This was stated, on behalf of Petro Yehorov, by the Head of the Legal Department, Albina Furman. She said that they had received no documents from the Ministry, and that she could not speak of any third candidate, that she was finding everything out from the press.

In spite of this, on the eve of the court hearing, the management of the University published a statement accusing the press of circulating false information about the election for Rector. The same Albina Furman dismissed as rumours information that the criminal investigation against the wife of Yury Lysenko and Chief Account ant of the University, Tetyana Lev, as well as the assault on her by two men who shouted “this is over your husband” were attempts to put pressure on the candidate elected by the staff. Ms Furman accused Tetyana Lev of using public funding for purposes under than those for which they were intended. At present the work of the accounts department is virtually totally paralyzed affecting both teaching staff and students.

The Mayor of Donetsk, Oleksandr Lukyanenko, called it all an “incomprehensible game” and said the sooner it was over the better. He said it could not do any good to the university.

The University is planning a strict pass system from 1 January to ensure that students and staff are not disturbed during the exam session.

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