Prosecutor initiates criminal proceedings over deputies «light injuries”


The Prosecutor General’s website today informed that the “Kyiv Prosecutor has initiated a criminal investigation over the causing of light bodily injuries to National Deputies on 16 December this year. “

The report goes on to say that as part of the criminal investigation into the incident on 16 December, a medical examination was ordered and carried out of the deputies who sought medical assistance. It states that “In accordance with the conclusions of this assessment, it was established that three of them sustained light bodily injuries, which caused temporary ill-health.”

This criminal investigation has been combined with that initiated previously. As reported, the Prosecutor, after studying the material provided by police regarding the events of 16 December initiated a criminal investigation under Article 344 § 2 – interference in the activities of a public official. The criminal investigation was thus against the BYuT deputies who had blocked the tribune in protest at what they regard as political repression, specifically the criminal investigation initiated against Ms Tymoshenko. 

After Party of the Regions deputies stormed the tribune on 16 December, 5 opposition deputies were hospitalized.  Videos and photos of the events show one deputy being hit on the head by a chair.   As reported yesterday, one of those injured, Mykhailo Volynets reported that the doctor treating him was called to the Prosecutor General’s Office to get the doctors to “soften” his diagnosis. The victims complain that the formal medical was only given a week after they arrived at the hospital, with the results obviously reflecting the period of time that had elapsed.


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