Draft bill on public broadcasting sent to Council of Europe for assessment


The Parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information has sent Draft Law No. 7241 on Amendments to the Law on the System of Public Television and Radio Broadcasting in Ukraine to the Council of Europe for the latter’s opinion. The Chair of the Committee, Andriy Shevchenko announced this on 22 February during a roundtable on implementation of the media items of the resolutions on Ukraine from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the European Parliament

The Head of the Centre for Legislative Initiatives of the Independent Association of Broadcasters, Olha Bolshakova, asked that the European experts in carrying out their assessment issue more hard-hitting advice and wishes. “I understand that softer, more civilized and liberal recommendations are the custom. Unfortunately however the specific elements of Ukrainian mentality, both political and of those in power, leads to arbitrary interpretation of those recommendations which we await from the European experts”.

She also expressed the hope that this would be the last draft law on public broadcasting. “I’m not overly convinced, after all if the draft law does not suit certain political circles, then after the assessment has been carried out, some other new draft law could appear”. She added “it would be better to have no public broadcasting, better that our obligations to the European community were not fulfilled, than to have a new sign over State-owned television and radio broadcasting organizations.”

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