Russia’s most outspoken newspaper faces DDOS attack


The website of Novaya Gazeta was during the second half of the day on 7 April blocked. According to the newspaper’s Live Journal blog, the Kaspersky Laboratory has recorded the beginning of a DDOS attack (when zombie computers are programmed to send requests to a particular site and it, or the server, becomes inundated).

Novaya, the newspaper which Anna Politkovskaya wrote for, is the most well-known and liberal newspaper in modern Russia. The cyber-attackers have brought the site down during the second and final round of voting for the “network parliament”, this being an action initiated in March by Novaya journalists.

Maria Garnayeva from the Kaspersky Laboratory which is taking part in countering the attack is convinced that it carries all the hallmarks of the crime under Article 273 of the Criminal Code “Creation and circulation of harmful programmes.

As reported, the main Russian blog site, Live Journal, has also been subjected to such a cyber attack.

On Thursday, even President Medvedev expressed indignation and, interestingly, expressed confidence that the law enforcement agencies would get to the bottom of it.

We’ll wait and see…

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