Inaccessible “accessible” housing


A report just released by the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine says that the State Programme for Providing Young People with Housing for 2002-2012, aimed at improving the housing situation for young families, can be considered moribund through the fault of the government. During 2002-2010 only 2.8 percent of young families on the housing list received a new home with the help of the Fund for Promoting Residential Construction for Young People.

Over 9 years the Fund was under-financed by more than 790 million UAH and only 12 percent of the housing planned was created, meaning that 3 thousand young families did not receive flats. The situation for young people is particularly hopeless in rural areas where only two families received housing, as well as for scientific and educational personnel.

Due to the lack of proper control from the Cabinet of Ministers as founder of the Fund and the merely formal work of the supervisory council, the Fund is turning from a State specialized financial institution into a commercial mortgage institution with a developed infrastructure and the possibilities for gaining public funding. According to the Head of the Accounting Chamber, V. Symonenko, the Fund is drifting in the direction of a commercial fund with no relation whatsoever to concessionary loans for young people. He believes the Cabinet of Ministers should consider whether it is worth continuing the existence of such a fund.

Another State socio-economic programme for building (purchasing) accessible housing for 2010-2017 was created last year, but this also provides no grounds for optimism. The government has not created the organizational prerequisites for its implementation nor a Single Register of Citizens needing improved housing and on the Housing List.

The number of regions where the State programme was carried out was reduced from 19 to 10 which lead to a five-fold decrease in the number of people who could get State support.

Abridged from the report issued by the Chamber’s Press Service

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