Tax Code protest will continue but through different means


Some of the members of the Tax Code Maidan [the huge protests on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, or Independence Square, in Kyiv in November and early December 2010] want to force the authorities to reduce pressure on small-business owners by pushing through their own version of reforms. Others do not believe in dialogue with those in power and are calling for re-elections.

The nationwide civic action “Vperyod!” [“Forward!”] which is holding its founding meeting in Kyiv on Wednesday is calling for an end to political and economic repression and for the establishment of strict public control over the authorities and an alternative way forward for Ukraine’s economic development.

The organizers include a number of civic organizations which took part in the Tax Code Maidan and the Tax Code Protest Car Rally, as well as the Council of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine. The head office of the action also has one National Deputy from BYuT – Batkivshchyna [the bloc / party of Yulia Tymoshenko), N. Korolevska. She is adamant, however, that the action is not of a political nature, and says that she joined the action at her own initiative and in her capacity as Co-Chair of the Council of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine.  She adds that their slogans deliberately avoid the word protest and that they are speaking out for a constructive approach and for pushing forward alternative ways towards economic development.

However the civic movement “Spilna Sprava” [“Common Cause”] which also arose as a result of the business owners’ protests last year is not confident that Vperyod will be effective.  The Media Coordinator for the movement, Ihor Pylypchuk believes that former fellow protesters’ willingness for dialogue demonstrates that they don’t want real change. “We remain adamant that the government is illegitimate following the amendments to the Constitution. In order to achieve its aims, Spilna Sprava have announced their own protest action “Day of Anger” scheduled to begin on 14 May.

Danylo Bilyk

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