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Huge number of Ukrainians live on less than 150 Euros a month


On average the income per Ukrainian in 2010 was 1528 UAH per month (with the exchange rate at around 11 UAH to 1 Euro; 8 UAH to 1 US dollar). 

According to figures issued by the State Committee of Statistics, the average monthly salary in Ukraine is around 260-270 USD. The average pension comes to 100 USD with pensioners making up 30 percent of the population. There are also very many students who receive a student grant of 50 to 60 dollars per month. Taking all this into consideration, the average income for Ukrainians comes to less than 200 USD per month.

There are around 230-320 thousand Ukrainians whose annual income ranges from several million to several billion dollars, this constituting 0.5-0.7 percent of the population.

Around 14-15 million Ukrainians (with a population of 46 million) live under the poverty line. Of these 11.5 million are pensioners, 2 million – unemployed (10 percent of the able-bodied population) as well as a large number of students.

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